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Collect feature requests, bug reports, and more with a simple JS widget. Understand what your customers want so you can build the most impactful features.

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Targeted feedback lets you build better features. Increase conversions, keep your customers happy, and make data-driven decisions.

Drive user growth

Increase conversions

Find out why users are abandoning your funnel. Understand pain points that are preventing conversion.

Higher customer satisfaction

Keep your customers happy

Ask targeted questions at key points in a user journey. Increase retention by identifying areas of improvement.

Build better features

Inform product decisions

Analyze insights, uncover trends, and focus on building data-driven product features.

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Easy to integrate

Start collecting feedback in less than 20 lines of code. All options are at your fingertips - change the type of feedback you collect, or change the text & styling to match your branding and usecase.

Collect feedback in style

Install our feedback widget on your website and start collecting feedback in seconds.

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  • Privacy-first

    Our widget has no tracking, no cookies, and no spying.

  • Fully customizable

    Style the widget and text to match your branding. Use custom buttons or divs to trigger feedback collection. Make the widget entirely yours.

  • Collect more than just feedback

    Collect bug reports, feature requests and more. Trigger feedback popups programatically. Collect feedback using ⭐️⭐️⭐️, 👍👎, and 😀.

Turn feedback into action

Use our dashboard to begin unlocking insights. View key metrics, surface responses from VIP customers, and break your feedback into categories.

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  • Auto-categorizing & self-organizing

    Auto-categorize your feedback according to the plans your customers are on; if they're logged in or not; and more. Compare the satisfaction scores across all categories.

  • Compare product changes

    Break down feedback collected before and after major product changes. Ensure your features are always the most impactful and keep your users responding positively.

Integrate with the tools you already use.

Attach anything to the feedback that your users submit. Experiment IDs, your customer's plans, events - send it to Shoutshare so you can slice feedback.
  • Attach Stripe plan names, and create slices to view feedback from users on each plan
  • Create experiment IDs using Optimizely, and create slices to view how your experiments influence feedback
  • Use your own javascript to create events on your page. Attach these events to your feedback to slice by key metrics.
100% free. Start collecting feedback in seconds.

“Shoutshare is a savior. The feedback we've recieved from our users has been eye-opening. No more guessing on what our actual users want!”

Sierra Maria
CEO, Founder

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